Format & length: Feature Film / 90 minutes | Theatrical release (Spain): 10th march, 2006 | International salesWildBunch


Chris is a young self-confidence and cleverness backpacker who is travelling by Africa. Its trip is shattered when he was robbed of his bracelet in a street market. He makes a row with the police and he loses his passport and has no way to come back home. He meets an anxious group of sailors in a bar of the port. They are discussing on an illegal load that they are planning to take to Europe in is ship, GULL. In spite of the danger he is conscious that it is, is also his only opportunity to come back home. He decides to get on the ship as a stowaway. Gull is not a usual ship, and Chris doesn´t realize that is a threat for the secret-closed world and its own moral codes that the crew will try to protect. When Chris is discovered, he becomes the target of a resentful-threated crew and he can only get to survive due to Brookes protection, the enigmatic captain who thinks of him as a youth threat, the qualities that doesn´t exist on the ship. His difficult situation is getting worse and worse when the Gull crew is disappearing one by one…


BrookesPeter Mullan
ChrisDaniel Brühl
BautistaLuis Tosar
SubiraNicki Amuka Bird
SashaCarlos Blanco
Frank 1Gonzalo Cunill
Frank 2Pere Eugeni Font
HermanGary Lewis
RalphChristopher Fairbank
RamazanJoan Serrats
OrlandoLuis Castro
LuisJan Willem
SpikeKoen Balcaen
RhombusSamuli Edelmann
ElvisRicky Grover
AbrahimKwaku Ankomah


Directed by Clive Gordon
Written by Paul Laverty
Producer (Spain): Juan Gordon
Producer (UK): Andrea Calderwood


Antonio Chavarrías (Oberón Cinematográfica), Emma Lustres (Vaca Films), Helena Dannielson (Hepp Film)


Production manager (Spain): Pasqual Otal
Production manager (UK): Claire Hunt
Casting: Sandra Sánchez, Rosa Estévez, Gail Stevens
Director of Photography: Sean Bobbitt
Art director: Jordi Yrla
Visual effects: San Dimas – Barcelona
Costume designer: Bina Daigeler
Make-up: Alma Casal
Sound: Licio Marcos de Oliveira
Editing: Fernando Franco
Original music: Sergio Moure, Stephen Warbeck