Format & length: Feauture Film / 100 minutes | Theatrical release (Spain): 29th october, 2010 | International salesVértice Cine


“Retornos” narrates the story of Álvaro, a man who after fleeing from himself for 10 years returns to his home village to attend his father’s funeral. Once there, he will try to reconcile with his brother and rebuild his relationship with his daughter Mar. None of this will be easy for him. Everything becomes complicated when Álvaro finds a young woman, lying dead on the road. She is Lidia, a prostitute and also a good friend of Mar’s. Concerned about his daughter’s safety, Álvaro initiates an investigation in a village where nothing is what it appears to be and everybody has something to hide.


ÁlvaroXavier Estévez
MarManuela Vellés
ElisaMaría Bouzas
XoséXosé Manuel Olveira “Pico”
NéstorEmilio Gutiérrez Caba
CaboAntonio Durán “Morris”
CarmenMaría Tasende
TaniaSabrina Praga
TinoLuis Zahera
JimenaSolange Freitas
LidiaYoíma Valdés


Directed by Luis Avilés Baquero


Produced by Emma Lustres & Borja Pena


Executive Producer: Emma Lustres
Co-producers: António Ferreira y Tathiani Sacilotto


Associate Producers
Juan Pablo Galli, Juan Vera, Alejandro Cacetta


Written by Alejandro Henández
Based on an argument by David Pérez Iglesias & Luis Avilés Baquero
Director of Photography: Ricky R. Morgade
Art Director: Alexandra Fernández
Production Manager: Borja Pena
Make-up: Raquel Fidalgo
Hairdressing: Noé Montes
Costume Designer: Ana López
Sound: Rubén Piputto, Branko Neskov, Tiago Silva
Editing: Jr Lorenzo
Music by Sergio Moure & Diego Lipnizky