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This week will start the shooting of “Welcome to Harmony”, the new film directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas (“Kidnapped”).

Matthew Fox (“Lost”, “World War Z”) and Jeffrey Donovan (“Burn Notice, “J. Edgar”, “The Changeling”) will play the protagonists. Rounding off the cast will be Ahna O’Reilly (“The Help”), Quinn McColgan (“Non-Stop”) and Clara Lago (“I Want You”).

This will be Vivas’ anticipated followup to “Kidnapped,” the breakout horror film which won him best director at Fantastic Fest in 2011.

Leading the production is Vaca Films (“Cell 211,” “Kidnapped”) and Ombra Films (“Mindscape”). “Welcome to Harmony” is a co-production with Telefónica Studios (“Tadeo Jones”, “Grand Piano”) and Laokoon Films (Hungary) in association with Televisión Española, Canal Plus (Spain), Canal Plus (France), Maestranza Films and Canal Sur.

Nine years after an infection turns most of the humanity into rabid creatures, Patrick, Jack and Lu, a nine-year-old girl, survive in seeming peace and calm in the forgotten snow-covered town of Harmony. We nonetheless sense that something terrible happened between Patrick and Jack because a deep hate keeps them apart. When the creatures appear again, Patrick and Jack will have to leave behind all rancor to protect the one being who means more to them than anything else.

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