Código Emperador

Format: Feature film | Cinema release in Spain: March 18th 2022 


Juan works for the secret services; in order to gain access to the villa of a couple involved in arms trafficking, he approaches Wendy, the Filipino maid who lives in the house, and establishes a relationship with her that will become increasingly complex.  At the same time, Juan carries out other “unofficial” jobs to protect the interests of the country’s most powerful elites, who have now set their sights on Ángel Gonzalez, a seemingly unremarkable politician whose dirty laundry he must find or “invent” with the help of Marta, the daughter of a well-known actor.


Juan – Luis Tosar
Wendy  – Alexandra Masangkay
Marta  – Georgina Amorós
Ángel  – Denís Gómez
Ana  – Laura Domínguez
Charo – María Botto
Galán  – Miguel Rellán
Fernando – Arón Piper
Llorente – Santi Prego


Produced by Vaca Films


Directed by Jorge Coira
Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría


Emma Lustres & Borja Pena


Director of Photography: Pablo Rosso
Art director: Marta Blasco
Line producer: María Liaño
Músic by Xavi Font & Elba Fernández
Editing: Sandra Sánchez
Casting by Conchi Iglesias
Sound: Carlos Mouriño
Costume Designer by María Porto
Make-up & Hairdressing by Susana Veira & Beatriz Antelo