Lazy Days

Format & Length: Feature Film / 106 minutes | Theatrical release (Spain): 1st february, 2008


In one of those neighbourhoods that you are likely to find in any city, at one of those squares that is always to be found in such neighbourhoods, three friends –young but no longer kids- spend long hours. Nandi, Roberto Carlos and Gabriel, whom everybody calls “Grabi” because no one can pronounce his name. The three are old enough to take control of their lives but also immature enough to be incapable of doingso. Irresponsible, they while away their lives on a park bench, rambling and filling up their emptiness with jokes and litres of beer paid for with whatever cash they can get from their parents. But then Sunci shows up: she is ready to pair up with Roberto Carlos and this breaks the equilibrium that seemed to tie the three friends to their lazy world.


Grabi – Ivan Massagué
NandiDarío Paso
Roberto CarlosJuanfra Juárez
SunciPilar Crespo
MercedesMercedes Hoyos
IsabelIsabel Ampudia
ChicaAna Cuesta
Padre de NandiBenito Pocino
Madre de Roberto CarlosFanny de Castro
Madre de GrabiVictoria Mora
Padre de GrabiJuan Motilla
Madre de NandiCristina Fenollar
Madre de SunciAlfonsa Rosso
MoisésXosé Bonome
Amante de IsabelJavier Merino
AlbertitoPablo Paredes
Administrativo de ETTSebastián Haro
Kevin ManuelJesús Carroza
MendigoXosé Bonhome


Produced by

Jaleo Films, Bailando en la Luna


Co-produced by

Vaca Films, Cinefex Factor, Basque Films


Directed & Written by Jesús Ponce

Executive producers: Álvaro Alonso, Fernando de Garcillán

Co-producers: Borja Pena, Miguel Olarieta, Carlos Juárez

Associate producer: Agus Jiménez

Production manager: Manolo Limón

Director of photography: Daniel Sosa

Original music: Juan Cantón

Editing: Fernando Franco

Art director: Pepe Domínguez

Sound: Daniel de Zayas

Make-up & Hairdressing: Raquel Rodríguez

Costume designer: Soledad Molina