Sky High

Format: Feature Film | Theatrical Release (Spain): 2020 | International Distribution: Playtime


The day when Angel talked with Estrella in that discotheque his life was going to change forever. After a fight breaks out between him and Poli, the girl’s possessive boyfriend, the latter – a crook – discovers that Angel has “talent” to get himself into trouble and, above all, to get out it in style. Accordingly, Poli encourages Angel to join his gang of ram raiders, who have put the whole police forces of Madrid in check – a decision that turns his existence into an all-or-nothing high risk game.


Angel quickly becomes increasingly important as a member of the gang through a series of robberies and other criminal activities involving easy money, shady business deals and corrupt lawyers, until he is cornered by Duque – a tireless police detective who’ll stop at nothing to put him behind bars for good. Ignoring the advice of his partners in crime and buddies, Angel carries on moving up the ladder to the summit of the organization until he becomes the protege of Rogelio, a Mafioso who controls about half of the black market in the city. Along with the capo and the latter’s daughter, Angel eventually finds out the high price there is to success in his illegal trade, realizing that he’ll soon have to decide whether to continue being a thief or pull out to share his future life with the woman he truly loves; Estrella. This is the story of a journey that begins in a most poverty-stricken wretched city neighborhood but its chief goal is to make it to the top: sky-high.


Ángel – Miguel Herrán
Rogelio  – Luis Tosar
Carolina Yuste
 Asia Ortega Leiva
Patricia Vico
Fernando Cayo
César Mateo
Richard Holmes


Produced by
Vaca Films


Directed by Daniel Calparsoro
Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría


Borja Pena & Emma Lustres


Director of photography: Josu Incháustegui
Art director: Curru Garabal
Casting: Arantza Vélez
Sound: Sergio Burmann
Costume Designer: Ana López
Make up: Manuela Merino
Editing: Antonio Frutos