Format & length: Feature Film / 83 minutes | Theatrical release (Portugal): 30th september, 2010


“Embargo” tells the story of Nuno, a man who works in a sandwich stand, but who is also the man who invented a machine who promises to revolutionize the shoe industry. In a time of a petrol embargo, Nuno finds himself in a sinister situation.
Blinded by the promise of success and his obsession with achieving his goals in life, he tries desperately to sell his machine. He is mysteriously trapped in his own car and misses the once in a lifetime opportunity to finally present this invention to the world and his life is suddenly embargoed…


NunoFilipe Costa
MargaridaCláudia Carvalho
SérgioPedro Diogo
Sr. AlvesFernando Taborda
PatrónJosé Raposo
Dr. VítorEloy Monteiro
Dr. RaúlMiguel Pinto Lopes
Eng. ÓscarCunha Ferreira
SaraLaura Matos


Directed by António Ferreira


Scriptwriter: Tiago Sousa
Based on the novel by José Saramago


Producers: António Ferreira, Tathiani Sacilotto
Associate producers: Borja Pena, Emma Lustres, Diler Trindade


A co-production by
Persona Non Grata Pictures, Vaca Films, Diler & Associados, Sofá Filmes, RTP – Rádio e Televisão de Portugal


Executive production: Tathiani Sacilotto
Director of Photography: Paulo Castilho
Original Music: Luís Pedro Madeira
Art Director: Luísa Correia
Costume designer: Tathiani Sacilotto
Editing: Tiago Sousa, António Ferreira
Sound: Simão Lopes
Make-up: Andreia Moreira (Make it up)
Hairdressing: Carlos Gago (Ilídio Design)