The mess you leave behind

Format: Series | Release: 2020 | Platform: Netflix


“How long will it take you to die?” That’s how forceful is the note that Raquel finds in her bag on the first day of work. She is a literature teacher and has just accepted a substitute at her husband’s village high school. Her excitement about teaching will be shown by some students who receive her with that macabre welcome. She will soon discover who the substitute teacher was and how she has marked everyone’s life.

Both will suddenly find themselves caught up in a spiral of threats, lies and mysteries that will change their lives, and those of their families, forever.


Raquel – Inma Cuesta
Viruca – Bárbara Lennie
Tamar Novas
Arón Piper
Roberto Enríquez


A series by
Netflix y Vaca Films


Directed by Carlos Montero, Silvia Quer & Roger Gual
Written by Carlos Montero, Javier Holgado & Andrés Seara
Executive producers: Emma Lustres, Borja Pena y Carlos Montero
Line producer: Esperanza Gracia
Production Managers: Enrique Batet & Miriam Devesa
Music by Lucio Godoy