The Courier

Formato: Largometraje | Estreno en cines: 19 de enero 2022 | Ventas internacionales: Playtime


Year 2002. Spain enters the euro. It is a time of opportunities, for the smart ones. Like Iván, a kid from Vallecas who has outgrown his neighborhood.

From his position as a valet at a luxurious golf club in the capital, he will soon take his first big step: becoming a Belgian courier for an international organization dedicated to money laundering. Ivan will start transporting suitcases to Brussels and Geneva.

But Iván can’t keep his eyes off the top. The real black money is flowing on the Costa del Sol. Construction businessmen, corrupt politicians, bankers, sportsmen, the Chinese mafia… Ivan wants his share of the cake.

This is the story of a young man who had nothing and dared to have it all. Until it all exploded.

A high voltage story about excess and delusions of grandeur, the reflection of an era that will never return. A story in which the life of Ivan, our protagonist, is intertwined with the most emblematic moments of recent history.


Iván – Arón Piper
Leticia – María Pedraza
Escámez  – Luis Tosar
Anne Marie – Laura Sépul
 Yannick – Nourdin Batan
Javier Ocaña – José Manuel Poga
Comisario Roig – Luis Zahera


Vaca Films
Panache Productions, La Compagnie Cinématographique y Anga Productions



Directed by Daniel Calparsoro
Written by Patxi Amezcua, Alejo Flah


Produced by
Borja Pena & Emma Lustres
Coproducided by
André Logie & Gaëtan David


Music by Carlos Jean
Director of photography: Tommie Ferreras, AEC
Production design: Sara Natividad
Editing: Antonio Frutos
Production manager: Espe Gracia
Casting: Arantza Vélez, Paula Cámara
Sound: Sergio Burmann, Coque F. Lahera (A.P.S.A.), Pelayo Gutiérrez, Valeria Arcieri, David Davister
Make up: Eli Adánez
Hairdresser: Juan Begara Clavente
Costume by Ana López
Digital effects: Isidro Jiménez
Special effects: David Campos