Gun City

Format: Feature Film | Genreo: Thriller | Language: Spanish | Theatrical Release (Spain): october 11th 2018


The year 1921. Spain is going through a turbulent and chaotic period: the lead years are the result of violent street clashes between thugs and anarchists. Gansterism and illegal businesses are installed in society. In this situation of riots and crimes, Aníbal Uriarte is a policeman sent to Barcelona to collaborate with the local police station in the arrest of those guilty of robbing a military train. Aníbal and his methods do not find much support among his comrades and immediately they begin the confrontations and distrust with the inspector Rediú, a corrupt superior. Aníbal will come into contact not only with the underworld of Barcelona society, including a German Baron, a mafioso with important connections, but also with the most radical anarchist world, ready to do anything to achieve their goals. There he meets Sara, a young and temperamental fighter, whose meeting will have unexpected consequences for both of them.


Aníbal Uriarte – Luis Tosar
Sara – Michelle Jenner
Inspector Rediú – Vicente Romero
Barón – Manolo Solo
Salvador – Paco Tous
León – Jaime Lorente
Lola Montaner – Adriana Torrebejano
Comisario Verdaguer – Pep Tosar
Beltrán – Fredi Leis
Tísico – Ernesto Alterio


Director: Dani de la Torre
Guionista: Patxi Amezcua
Productoras: Vaca Films, Atresmedia Cine, La Ley del Plomo AIE y PlayTime Production
Productores Emma Lustres, Borja Pena, Mercedes Gamero, Mikel Lejarza
Productores Ejecutivos: Emma Lustres, Rosa Pérez, Toni Carrizosa
Productores (Francia): François Yon Valéry Guibal
Productor Asociado (Francia):  Jérôme Vidal
Director de Fotografía:  Josu Incháustegui
Diseño de Producción: Juan Pedro de Gaspar
Manuel Riveiro, Xavi Font
Montaje: Jorge Coira
Dirección de Producción: María Liaño
Efectos Digitales: Félix Bergés (El Ranchito)
Diseño de Vestuario: Clara Bilbao
Casting: Eva Leira, Yolanda Serrano
Sonido: David Machado, James Muñoz, José Antonio Manovel
Maquillaje: Raquel Fidalgo
Peluquería: Noé Montes
El tema central del flm “Hasta el último suspiro” está interpretado
por la soprano AINHOA ARTETA.