Here`s The Deal

Format & Lenght: Feature Film / 85min | Theatrical Release (Spain): 14th june, 2013 | International sales: Filmax International


Carlos and Miguel, friends since childhood, are going through what could only be described as a bit of a rough patch. Now in their fifties, instead of looking forward to a relaxing retirement, they have found themselves out of work, out of money and out of luck. Not only are they struggling to pay the bills, but also to prove to their families, and in-laws, that they are capable of looking after them. Just when they think that their situation is entirely hopeless, along comes a miracle! One day, while out fishing, the two friends make a very special catch… a package filled with 10 kilos of cocaine! They know that selling the drug would put an end to all their financial problems, but are they really prepared to get involved in such a dirty business? Do the ends really justify the means? And more to the point, what the hell do two fifty year olds know about selling coke? A story of family, friendship… and ten kilos of dope!


Suso – Paco Tous
Manuel – Miguel de Lira
Luis – Unax Ugalde
Julia – Manuela Vellés
Carmen – Marisol Membrillo
Chema – Manuel Lozano
Entrenador – Ricardo de Barreiro
Emilio – Antonio Durán “Morris”
Juan – Axel Fernández
Suegro – Xosé Manuel Oliveira “Pico”
Suegra – Luisa Merelas
Sandro – Luis Iglesia B.
Amigo Chema – Santi Romay


Directed by Alejandro Marzoa



Emma Lustres & Jose Corbacho


Executive Producers:

Borja Pena & Toni Carrizosa


Written by Miguel Ángel Blanca & Alejandro Marzoa

With the colaboration of Juan Cruz & Jaume Ripoll


Casting: Irene Roqué

Production Manager: Bernat Manzano

Director of Photography: Arnau Valls Colomer

Art Director: Curru Garabal

Costume Design: Eva Camino

Make-up & Hairdressing: Susana Veira y Erea Pérez

Editing: Sofi Escudé y David Gallart

Sound: Vasco Pimentel, Marc Bech y Jordi Monrós

Original Music: Sergio Moure De Oteyza

Original Song: “Gente Honrada”Estopa