Format: Feature Film | Theatrical Release: April 28, 2023 | International Sales: Playtime


Sergio (Luis Tosar) has serious gambling problems. After swearing to his wife that he would never gamble again, he receives a tip about an alleged soccer match fixing and, unable to keep his promise, he returns to the betting house with the intention of recovering all the money he has lost. The tip turns out to be true and his luck is finally going to change… but Alejo (Aron Piper), who also has a gambling past, bursts into the place with a gun.


Pablo (Alex Garcia), a GEO sniper, is pressured by Commissioner Costa (Elena Anaya) to serve in the heist. But the GEO’s head is somewhere else, in the hospital, where his son’s life hangs in the balance.


As fate would have it, Sergio and Pablo are involved in a robbery at a gambling house, where a gunshot will change their lives forever.


Sergio – Luis Tosar
Pablo Alex García
Costa Elena Anaya
Alejo Arón Piper
Lidia Luisa Mayol
Marta Pepa Gracia
Dani – Ethan Álvarez
Laurita Valentina Quiza
Roi – Derek León


Vaca Films


Directed by Juan Galiñanes
Original idea by Juan Galiñanes
Written by Juan Galiñanes y Alberto Marini


Produced by
Emma Lustres, Borja Pena


Co – produced by
Sébastien Beffa, Valèry Guibal, François Yon, Nicolas Brigaud-Robert


Cinematographer: Alex de Pablo
Art Director: Alexandra Fernández
Line Producer: María Liaño
Production Supervisor: Fátima Dapena
Original Music: Manuel Riveiro
Editing: Lu Rodríguez
Casting: Conchi Iglesias, APDICE
Sound: Carlos Mouriño, Diego Staub, Valeria Arcieri
Costume Designer: María Porto
Make-up: Anna Merino
Hairdresser: Mara Collazo