A PAST AHEAD is being filmed in Galicia

publicado el 13/10/2022 por Vaca Films

The feature film A PAST AHEAD (UN PASADO POR DELANTE), starring Goya nominees Tamar Novas (“The Mess You Leave Behind“, “Cocaine Coast“, “The Sea Inside“) and Marta Nieto (“Out Of Sync“, “Mother“, “Feria: The Darkest Light“), is being shot in Galicia. This is Olga Osorio‘s feature debut, with a script written by Osorio herself and Araceli Gonda (“Hierro“).


A PAST AHEAD also features young actors  Mario Santos (“Alba“, “Cuéntame cómo pasó“), Rubén Fulgencio (“El universo de Oliver“, “The Countryside“) and Irene Jiménez (“La caza. Monteperdido“). The cast is completed by two veteran and renowned actors: Goya winner Mabel Rivera (“Rapa“, “The Sea Inside“) and Goya nominee Manuel Manquiña (“Arde Madrid“, “Airbag“).


A PAST AHEAD is an imaginative and moving adventure, an original bet for quality family entertainment.


Óscar and Teo (13 and 11 years old) are two brothers, very different from each other, who live in a modest neighborhood apartment. It is the summer of 1989. Teo is a footballer and a bit naughty, Óscar a know-it-all who recites the theory of relativity. In reality, each one deals in his own way with the disappearance of his mother, a promising scientist who died in an accident while researching wormholes.


The germ of A PAST AHEAD is found in the short film “Einstein-Rosen“, by Olga Osorio, which obtained great national and international success and participated in more than 240 festivals around the world, winning awards in many of them.


According to its producer Emma Lustres, from Vaca Films, it is “a very emotional, entertaining, imaginative and fun story, which aims to surprise, thrill and entertain children and adults with a film that is close, original and, above all, very tender. It is a challenge to tackle a type of film of which there are few examples in the audiovisual industry in our country“.


For Olga Osorio, A PAST AHEAD “is about the love of two brothers. It is also about the way our childhood always haunts us“. And she asks: What would happen if we had the opportunity to rewrite our past, what would we change?


Filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer Olga Osorio makes her feature film debut after a fruitful and applauded career in the world of short films: “reStart“, “Mouras“, “Tinder Time“, “Cuestión de autoridad” and “Einstein-Rosen“, the seed of A PAST AHEAD, are some of her award-winning titles in festivals around the world. Screenwriter Araceli Gonda co-wrote the film’s script. Her work as a screenwriter in the award-winning series “Hierro” stands out.


The shooting of A PAST AHEAD takes place throughout September and October entirely in Galicia, in the surroundings of the city of A Coruña.


The film is produced by Vaca Films and Quien a hierro mata AIE with the participation of Amazon Prime Video, RTVE, CRTVG and the support of ICAA (Ministry of Culture), Agadic (Xunta de Galicia) and the Programa Media.


A PAST AHEAD will hit theaters in summer 2023 distributed by A Contracorriente Films. International sales will be handled by Playtime.