Clara Lago and Tamar Novas start filming CLANS

publicado el 23/05/2023 por Vaca Films

Clara Lago and Tamar Novas have just started filming Clans, a new series produced by Vaca Films for Netflix that will be shot over the next few months in various locations in Galicia, Malaga, Gibraltar, Algeciras, Madrid, Porto and Senegal.

In Clans, a new lawyer arrives to settle in the small town of Cambados. Her name is Ana (Clara Lago) and her presence does not go unnoticed by anyone, including Daniel (Tamar Novas), son of an important drug trafficker and visible head of the “Padín clan” while his father remains in prison. Ana, with extensive experience in one of the best law firms in Madrid, has decided to start from scratch in Cambados with the intention of settling accounts with her past.

Clara Lago (El Vecino, Ocho apellidos vascos) and Tamar Novas (El desorden que dejas, A 1000 kilómetros de la Navidad) head the cast of Clanes along with Xosé Antonio Touriñán (Cuñados), Chechu Salgado (Las leyes de la frontera), Melania Cruz (Malencolía), Miguel de Lira (Cuñados), Francesc Garrido (Sé quién eres), Diego Anido (As Bestas) and María Pujalte (Merlí. Sapere Aude).

Jorge Guerricaechevarría is the creator and screenwriter of this new fiction, which will be directed by Roger Gual.