Discover Retribution in Warner’s microsite

publicado el 17/09/2015 por Vaca Films

You can now access exclusive content and special contents of “Retribution” in this new micro site dedicated to the film. Here you will find trailers, posters, pictures, clips and information about contests to see the film, which hits spanish theaters on September 25.

Directed by debutant Dani de la Torre, the film is produced by Vaca Films and Atresmedia Films with the participation of Atresmedia, Television de Galicia, Movistar +, Canal + France and R. The film hits theaters in Spain on September 25 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Intl España.

Luis Tosar leads a cast also starring Javier Gutiérrez (“Marshlands”), Goya Toledo (“The 13 roses”), Elvira Minguez (“Tapas bar”), Fernando Cayo (“The Orphanage”), children Paula del Rio and Marco Sanz as well as a brand new lineup of galician actors led by Antonio Mourelos, Ricardo Barreiro, Luis Zahera and Maria Mera.