EL NIÑO hits theaters in Spain

publicado el 28/08/2014 por Vaca Films

EL NIÑO, directed by Daniel Monzón, hits theaters tomorrow Friday August 29th. Today, at 21.30 it will take place the premier at Kinépolis cinemas in Madrid.

Starring Luis Tosar, Sergi López, Eduard Fernández, Bárbara Lennie, Ian McShane and Jesús Castro, EL NIÑO is Monzón’s new film after the succesfull “Cell 211”. Written by Monzón and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, EL NIÑO is an action thriller about smuggling at the Strait of Gibraltar.

EL NIÑO is produced by Telecinco Cinema, Ikiru Films and Vaca Films. It will be distributed in Spain by Fox.