LA UNIDAD premieres trailer and poster

publicado el 02/04/2020 por Vaca Films

LA UNIDAD, the new original series from Movistar+ in collaboration with Vaca Films that will be released on the platform next May, premieres its official trailer. This production is based on the unknown work of the National Police unit that fights terrorism, one of the most effective in the world.

The series is a thriller whose script has been written for the first time with the collaboration of real members of this National Police unit; a meticulous work of documentation and investigation that combines entertainment with a topical plot, and that offers an unknown perspective of the police work through a complex anti-terrorist operation led by this unit and that covers different countries.

Created by Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini and produced in collaboration with Vaca Films, LA UNIDAD has been shot in numerous national locations such as Madrid, Catalonia, Melilla, Malaga and Galicia, and international locations such as the French cities of Perpignan and Toulouse or the locations of Lagos and Makoko (both in Nigeria).


It is a little known fact that, since 11 March 2004, Spain has been one of the countries with the most anti-terrorist operations in the world. Through its six 50-minute episodes THE UNIT reveals how members of the Police Investigation Unit led by Chief Commissioner Carla act and live. Normal and anonymous people capable of extraordinary victories.

The members of this Unit are played by Nathalie Poza (Goya for Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘No sé decir adiós’), in the role of Carla Torres; Argentinean actor Michel Noher, as Marcos, Head of the Investigation Group and Carla’s partner, with whom she is in the midst of a divorce proceeding; Marian Álvarez (winner of the Goya for Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘La Herida’), who plays Miriam; Luis Zahera (winner of the Goya for Best Supporting Actor for ‘El Reino’), who plays Sergio; the Spanish actress of Persian origin Fariba Sheikhan as the agent Najwa; Raúl Fernández de Pablo as Roberto, and Carlos Blanco as Ramón.

Plus, the main cast includes Fele Martínez, Alba Bersabé, Francesc Orella and Pepo Oliva, as well as a varied international casting that includes Amina Leony, Moussa Echarif, Hamid Krim, Mourad Ouani, Mekki Kadiri, Omar Bentaleb, Bouzan Hadawi, Said El Mouden and Tarik Rmili.

On the other hand, the international journey of THE UNIT has already begun. Beta Film will distribute the rights of this series outside our borders and has announced that HBO has acquired its rights for Latin America.




The arrest in Spain of the world’s most wanted terrorist leader makes the country the main terrorist target.

A countdown has begun without the population being aware of it, and the members of the Special Unit against Jihadist Terrorism, led by Commissioner Carla Torres, are facing the secret mission of dismantling it against the clock, while trying to resolve the conflicts of personal lives that their trade has, in part, taken away from them.

A thrilling thriller based on the little-known reality of a group of flesh and blood people with apparently normal lives whose faces are unknown because there are victories that should be invisible.