Luis Tosar stars in PROJECT EMPEROR

publicado el 17/02/2021 por Vaca Films

Three-time Goya Award winner Luis Tosar (Sky High, Eye for an eye, To steal from a thief, Retribution, El Niño, Cell 211) will star in PROJECT EMPEROR, a contemporary thriller of intrigue directed by Jorge Coira.

Luis Tosar will be accompanied by Alexandra Masangkay (El Hoyo, 1898: Los últimos de Filipinas), Miguel Rellán (Vergüenza, Tiempo después), María Botto (Malnazidos) and Denís Gómez (El vecino), among others.

Jorge Coira, winner of the Goya for Best Editing for Retribution, is in charge of directing, from a script written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría, this revealing and contemporary thriller of intrigue inspired by the most hidden face of Spanish social and political reality. PROJECT EMPEROR is set in the high spheres of power and espionage.

PROJECT EMPEROR is Jorge Coira’s third fiction feature film after the award-winning 18 comidas and his debut feature El año de la garrapata. He has also directed successful TV series such as Hierro (the most watched Spanish series on Movistar) or Sé quién eres, as well as working as an editor on La Unidad and Hierro or the feature films Gun City and Retribution, for which he was awarded the Goya for Best Editing.

PROJECT EMPEROR reveals through fiction a recognizable socio-political reality of today’s Spain. It is an action thriller that will introduce us to the world of the powerful and those who pull the strings. Information and disinformation, truth and deceit, good and evil… terms that sometimes touch, cross and coexist to the point of confusing their limits.

Jorge Coira’s new film draws from reality to immerse us in the nooks and crannies of a system in which appearances are more than deceptive, lies are the order of the day and blackmail is the best bargaining chip.

In the words of its director, Jorge Coira: “The world of espionage is one of the most powerful and fruitful contexts to explore extreme conflicts. PROJECT EMPEROR wants to delve, from the power of the thriller, into the reality of information agents: a world where the border between good and evil is diluted and where things are not always what they seem”. For his part, screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría emphasizes that “the reality in which we live is the fruit of a delicate balance. A universe in constant danger of capsizing in which information is controlled and manipulated by powers that, pretending to protect us, actually seek to stay afloat and perpetuate themselves”.