Movistar+ presents LA UNIDAD, its new original series produced by Vaca Films

publicado el 24 April 2019 por Vaca Films

La unidad’ is a fiction based on the unpublished testimonies of top anti-terrorist professionals. An exciting crime thriller that reveals how they act and manage the conflicts in their lives.

Directed by Dani de la Torre and written by Alberto Marini and Amelia Mora, the series will be shot in Melilla, Tangier, Perpignan, Girona, Madrid, Galicia, Nigeria and Toulouse.

La unidad’ is starring a cast with a brilliant cinematographic career as Nathalie Poza, Michel Noher, Marian Álvarez, Luis Zahera, Raúl Fernández de Pablo, Carlos Blanco and Fele Martínez, Alba Bernabé, Francesc Orellá, Pepo Oliva, Amina Leony, Miquel Insúa, Fariba Sheikhan, Mekki Kadiri, Hamid Krim , Omar Bentaleb, Mourad Ouani, Moussa Echarif, Bouzan Hadawi, Said El Mouden and Tarik Rmili complete the cast.