Netflix releases THE MESS YOU LEAVE BEHIND on December 11

publicado el 10/11/2020 por Vaca Films

THE MESS YOU LEAVE BEHIND presents its trailer. The mini-series, created by Carlos Montero (ELITE), will be released worldwide on December 11.

Produced by Vaca Films for Netflix, El desorden que dejas is a thriller of 8 chapters set in the rural environment of Galicia, a story that combines drama and suspense, and that adapts the novel of the same name by Carlos Montero, who won the Primavera de Novela Award in 2016. The team of screenwriters is made up of Carlos Montero, Javier Holgado and Andrés Seara. Montero will make his debut as a director with this project, which will also be joined by Silvia Quer and Roger Gual.

“This is a story about the mess love leaves behind when it disappears. How do you recover from the absence of the loved one? I wanted to tell something that revolves around that idea and I wanted to do it in a thriller key. No police, no private investigators. I wanted it to be intimate, small, terrible. I wanted to set it in my homeland, Galicia, and that the humidity and rain would get into the characters’ minds. I wanted a woman protagonist who is afraid of losing more people in her life, and in a town and an institute where they are also marked by the absence of someone,” says Carlos Montero, who adds: “The mess you leave behind is a story about loss, about obsession, about heartbreak, about desire, and about how we are able to remake ourselves from almost anything. Because we all have a hero inside, even if we make a thousand mistakes, even if we fall a thousand times, and even if sometimes we forget”.

Starring two renowned actresses, Inma Cuesta (Criminal, Arde Madrid, The Bride) and Barbara Lennie (Magical Girl, The Kingdom), the cast is completed by Aaron Piper (ELITE), Roberto Enriquez (Vis a Vis, The Pier), Tamar Novas (Alta Mar, Fariña), Federico Pérez (Néboa), Susana Dans (A vida por diante), Alfonso Agra (Serramoura) and Xosé Antonio Touriñan (Fariña), in addition to young debutants Roque Ruíz and Isabel Garrido, among others.



“And you, how long will it take you to die?” That’s how forceful is the note that Raquel (Inma Cuesta) finds in her bag on the first day of work. She is a literature teacher and has just accepted a substitute at the institute in her husband’s village (Tamar Novas). Her excitement about teaching will be shown by some students who receive her with that macabre welcome. She will soon discover who the substitute teacher was and how she has marked everyone’s life.