SKY HIGH becomes one of the most watched movies on Netflix.

publicado el 05/05/2021 por Vaca Films

SKY HIGH has become one of the most watched movies on Netflix after its world premiere a month ago. According to international tracking website Flix Patrol, SKY HIGH was the fifth most watched film on the platform during the month of April. Only four major American titles have surpassed it in the rankings of the most watched films.

SKY HIGH has entered the top 10 in virtually every country where such a list exists, reaching #1 in more than 25 territories and in the global aggregate during its first weekend of release.

With this, SKY HIGH is positioned as one of the most watched Spanish films in the history of the platform.  And all this without yet being available in Spain and France, where the exploitation windows are different and the platform will release later.

The film will have a continuation in series format, also for Netflix, and the shooting of which there will be news soon.