HASTA EL CIELO launches its official video

publicado el 27/10/2020 por Vaca Films

SKY HIGH, the new and thrilling robbery thriller directed by Daniel Calparsoro and produced by Vaca Films, is warming up for its spanish premiere on November 27th with the release of the official video clip of “Hasta el cielo”, the film’s main theme.

The single, which is already available on all digital platforms, is composed by the prestigious and eclectic musician, producer, winner of the Ondas award and six times nominated for a Latin Grammy, Carlos Jean, in collaboration with Mala Rodríguez, rapper Dollar Selmouni and actress Carolina Yuste. Listen to it here.

SKY HIGH stars Miguel Herrán (Goya 2016 for Best New Actor for ‘A cambio de nada’ and starring in ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Elite’), Carolina Yuste (Goya 2019 for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Carmen and Lola’), Asia Ortega (‘Tu Hijo’) and Luis Tosar (‘Quien a Hierro Mata’ and winner of 3 Goya Awards for ‘Cell 211’, ‘Te doy mis ojos’ and ‘Los lunes al sol’). The quartet is seconded by Patricia Vico (‘To steal from a thief’), Fernando Cayo (‘Money Heist’), and debutants Richard Holmes, Ayax and Dollar Selmouni, among others.

SKY HIGH counts with the participation of some of the most followed artists in the national urban music scene: Ayax, Dollar Selmouni, Jarfaiter, Ramseys, Carlytos Vela or Rukeli, in which is their first incursion in the cinema. His soundtrack has been composed by Carlos Jean, and combines electronic and urban rhythms with songs by C. Tangana or the new single by DJ Nano, “El Tridente” (feat Costa).



Ángel is a boy from the suburbs of Madrid whose life will change forever the day he meets Estrella in a discotheque. After a fight with Poli, the girl’s possessive boyfriend, he discovers that Ángel has a talent for getting into trouble and, more importantly, for getting out of them. That’s why he encourages him to join his band of robers who have the entire police force of Madrid in check.

Ángel’s ambition will make him dive into a pyramid of robberies, easy money and shady deals, which will take him from Madrid to Ibiza. His skill will also make him the protégé of Rogelio, a capo who controls the black market in the capital, and Sole, his daughter, will be infatuated with him.

Ángel’s climb will be unstoppable, and he will soon become one of the country’s most wanted robbers. And as the police siege intensifies, he will have to decide between Sole or the love of his life, Estrella.

A journey that began in the humblest of suburbs and has as its goal the highest thing: the sky.



The videoclip has had the participation of its interpreters and has been shot in some of the main scenes of the film. The official single of the film can already be heard on the main digital platforms. It is a musical theme of Latin urban style that supposes the collaboration between the musician, producer and singer Carlos Jean, the rapper Mala Rodríguez, the rapper Dollar Selmouni, who makes his debut in the film playing Gitano, and the actress Carolina Yuste, in the role of Estrella in Hasta el cielo.

For Carlos Jean, who also adds his voice to the single: “I think there is a word that is transversal to the film and the song: passion” and details “La Mala has given that touch to the song to make it a hit and Dollar brings the reflective part, with his brutal talent for singing”.

For Mala Rodríguez, “Hasta el cielo”: “It was a gift. Everything has flowed very well… I think it has the essence of the film. I feel very lucky”. And she continues: “This song contributes a lot to my career. Once again I show another way of expressing myself, and that’s what I like and what amuses me, getting different things out of me. The verses of this song seem a little high to me”.

Dollar Selmouni, who plays in the film the inseparable colleague of the protagonist, Miguel Herrán, adds his R&B stamp to the song, with his particular voice, warm as soul and deep as flamenco: “I am very proud and I feel very excited. Making the film and now the single, I find it incredible. Both the song and the film are pure rhythm, speed, adrenaline,” explains the popular rapper and urban music reference.

Finally, Carolina Yuste is the interpretative part within the song: “It is the reflection of Estrella, her character, within the song”, explains Carlos Jean.

After its screening at the Malaga and Rome festivals, HASTA EL CIELO will be released in Spanish cinemas on November 27th by Universal Pictures International Spain.