Final sprint of RETRIBUTION on its way to San Sebastián

publicado el 18/09/2015 por Vaca Films

After the proven success of RETRIBUTION in Venice, the film is getting ready for screening at the Velodrome at San Sebastian Festival.

It is a popular section that houses big releases like RETRIBUTION, in mass meetings, displayed in a room equipped for 3,000 spectators, with the latest projection systems and a giant 400 m² screen.

Directed by debutant Dani de la Torre, the film is produced by Vaca Films and Atresmedia Films with the participation of Atresmedia, Television de Galicia, Movistar +, Canal + France and R. The film hits theaters in Spain on September 25 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Intl España.

Luis Tosar leads a cast also starring Javier Gutiérrez (“Marshlands”), Goya Toledo (“The 13 roses”), Elvira Minguez (“Tapas bar”), Fernando Cayo (“The Orphanage”), children Paula del Rio and Marco Sanz as well as a brand new lineup of galician actors led by Antonio Mourelos, Ricardo Barreiro, Luis Zahera and Maria Mera.