“RETRIBUTION” to be presented on the Festival of Venice

publicado el 24/07/2015 por Vaca Films

This thriller, the debut of Dani de la Torre, hits spanish theaters on September 25 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

“RETRIBUTION” has been selected to participate in the next edition of the International Venice Film Festival, in the section Venice Days – Giornate degli Autori. The film will participate later in the San Sebastián International Film Festival before its theatrical release.

Directed by fellow Galician Dani de la Torre, the film is produced by Vaca Films and Atresmedia Films with the participation of Atresmedia, Television de Galicia, Movistar +, Canal Plus France and R.

Luis Tosar leds a cast also starring Javier Gutiérrez (“Marshland”), Goya Toledo (“The 13 roses”), Elvira Minguez (“Tapas Bar”), Fernando Cayo (“The Orphanage”), children Paula del Rio and Marco Sanz as well as a large cast of galician actors like Antonio Mourelos, Luis Zahera, Ricardo Barreiro and María Mera.

This is Vaca films’ second feature film to be presented at the International Festival of Venice, after the presentation in 2009 of “Cell 211” with great critical and commercial success.

Said by the director Dani de la Torre himself, “RETRIBUTION” is a disturbing, exciting thriller, in which there is no respite, no concessions, no time. A roller coaster of mixed emotions, of hasty decisions, of emotions, where every second is vital. A story in which the main characters see their lives change radically in a few hours.